FOR HIRE - BritCar winning Seat SuperCopa

The  SZ Motorsport Seat SuperCupa is a proven race winner, with many podiums and race wins.

2.0 Turbo Engine

6 Speed D.S.G. Paddle Shift Gearbox

Ricardo Plate Type L.S.D.

GKN Competition Driveshafts and U.J.'s

120 Litre Fuel Tank

Wheels - 9½" x 18" front and rear

Tyres - Slicks - 250/645-18 front and rear

             Wets - 245/650-18 front and rear

AP Racing Brakes - 6 Pot Front/2 Pot Rear

Race Weekend 2 Day

Team £2,900 (Includes pre event prep and set up, team personnel at race event and hire of Car)
Entry per weekend £TBC dependent on series
Tyres £225 each new
Fuel £250
Consumables £200 (Brake pads fluids etc)
Insurance £1,200 approx (£3000 excess)
20% VAT to be added to the above


Team £800
Insurance £500
Car Hire £500 (If signed up for the season car hire on test days waivered)
Fuel £160 - £250
Tyres slicks/wets £225 each (may not be needed)
Insurance £500 approx (£3000 excess)
Driver coach £150-£300 Adam Jones ex-BTCC
20% VAT to be added to the above
Call Greg on 07775 678867 or email for more information

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