BMW E36 EVO 3.2 - Ravi Ramyead


Supersprint Exhaust

GTR Air Box

Getrag 5 Speed

Drexler Diff

Proflex 4 Way Adjustable Dampers

Bespoke Adjustable Anti-roll Bars

Wheels - 9" x 18" front, 10" x 18" rear

Tyres - Dunlop Racing Slicks

We have been looking after Ravi and his cars for over 10 years now.  His current E36 M3 has had many modifications, including fitting composite bonnet and boot, front splitter and rear wing, aluminium doors, lightweight door cards and lexan windows.  We have also modified the bodywork to accommodate bigger wheels - 9" x 18" fronts and 10" x 18" rears.

We had a successful day at Brands Hatch earlier in the year, but on our return could hear a slight knocking from the rear of the car, which turn out to be a broken diff mount, which we replaced.

Ravi decided he would like to try wide angle rear view and door mirrors which were fitted.  We found he was getting excessive rear brake temperatures, therefore we recommended replacing the rear sliding calipers for a new pair of AP 4 Pot calipers and new discs. We changed the master cylinder to AP units, and also found the pedal box needed bracing as this was flexing under heavy braking giving a spongy feel to the pedal.

All these mod's are now carried out, so we are just awaiting a bit of nice weather so we can go and do some more testing.  After the next test to make sure the wheel's clear the arch without any more mod's, we can get it painted.

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